Xmassacre 1.02

Xmassacre - The Christmas Multiplayer Platform Shooter!

Xmassacre - The Christmas Multiplayer Platform Shooter!

The answer to all your prayers has finally arrived..

You said you wanted a Christmas themed platform game; Well, no you didn't, but it's here!

You also said you wanted it to be realtime multiplayer; No, you never, and you've got it!

Xmassacre is the Christmas multiplayer platform shooter.


• Up to 10 players LAN / Internet

• 7 Collectable weapons

• 7 Game modes (Including team based objectives and FFA's)

• Colourful, yet terrible, programmer graphics!

• Record up to 3 taunts, replayable on taunt enabled game servers

Personalise your character's colour, name and avatar. Host games from your PC or connect to Internet based or LAN servers.

Did we mention it's a Christmas game? Well, Christmas seems to start earlier every year. So grab some friends, or see who you can find lurking online (in the non-creepy sense), and get in the Christmas spirit with Xmassacre!

Play responsibly, be nice, and most of all, have fun!



Xmassacre 1.02

User reviews about Xmassacre

  • paolouk

    by paolouk

    "Simple but very fun Christmas game!"

    Simple but very fun Christmas game! Played this with some friends and we couldn't stop laughing. There's only 3 maps ...   More.